Anand K. Verma, U.S. Attorney and Counselor at Law, is practicing U.S. Immigration law in the USA. Now in India, focuses on enhancing the delivery of immigration services customized specifically to the needs and the benefit of our clients and prospective clients in the following areas:
Visitors and Tourists to apply for visas for pleasure trips or for medical treatment
Assist visa applicants in understanding the purpose of the visa category and explain the permissible activities under this category,
Guide them with invitation letters and documents from their sponsors in the U.S.,
Help them complete the forms,
Counsel them for the all-important visa interview,
In cases of medical emergency for which treatment is available only in the United States, we can assist visa applicants in the visa application process,
In limited circumstances, to visit immediate family members who are very sick, applicants may be interviewed out-of-turn and visas may be issued. We can guide applicants in this process, and
We can assist and guide those whose visa is denied by the embassy or consulate in reapplying visitor visa.

Visits for Business purposes or for short-term assignments

Many companies are looking at this visa to send their employees on short business trips to the United States. This could be a manufacturer wanting to send an employee to install some equipment; a software company that wants to send an employee to obtain client specifications, troubleshoot / be trained / offer training / system study; etc. If properly planned and utilized, this is one of the best options for short-term visits. It must be understood that a person falling in this category cannot receive payment in the U.S. for services rendered, except for certain per diem or hotel reimbursement.
Apart from above, individual businessmen and entrepreneurs may want to visit the U.S. to study the markets, finalize deals, or oversee operations. We can guide individuals in this visa application process.

Students & Exchange Visitors and their dependents

We guide students with their applications and documentation by looking into their background, and counsel them for the visa interview.
Exchange visitors need to understand that in most cases they are subject to the two-year home residency requirement and must watch out for a few key factors that determine their eligibility. We can review their background and advice them accordingly.

Workers, managers, executives, or others in the U.S.

H/L Visas are available to work in the U.S. We can assist companies sending their employees to work in the United States on H/L visas. We can counsel them for the interview at the U.S. Embassy.
Also in cases involving USCIS approved petitions; we can assist in preparing for the final consular interview at the appropriate consulate.

Dependent Visas like the H-4, L-2

When persons working in the U.S. on H or L visas get married, their spouses must enter the U.S. as dependants on H-4 or L-2 dependent visas. This used to be a fairly straightforward visa but, post 9/11, this has become a nightmare for a few newly married couples – especially for those requiring the H-4 Visas. We can look into the applicants’ backgrounds and help expedite the process for them.

Consular Processing in their Employment-Based and Family-Based petitions (Greed Card)

 Family Based Immigrant Visa applications invariably have the beneficiaries in their respective home countries and require interviews at the consulates. We can make sure that the beneficiaries have the relevant documents and assist them with their forms and interviews. We can also help get needed documents from the different departments of Indian government.
Employment Based Immigrant Visa applications allow for the option of either Adjustment of Status or Consular Processing. The latter involves an interview with the appropriate U.S. Consulate in one’s home country or, in some cases, the country of last residence. We can assist applicants with the necessary forms, documentation, procedures, and counsel them for their consular interviews.
Fiancé/es or Spouses of U.S. Citizens with procedures at the consulate.
K-1/K-2 Visa : K-1/K-2 visa is for use by the fiancé/es and their children, respectively, of U.S. citizens. However, one must document the relationship and be aware of the K-1 provisions in order to utilize this visa. Dependants of K-1 applicants can enter the U.S. on the K-2 visa. As the K-1/K-2 visa is often misused, applications are reviewed with care. We can clearly explain this visa and guide applicants through the process.
K-3/K-4 Visa : K-3/K-4 visa is for use by the spouse and the spouse’s children, respectively, of U.S. citizens. Though this visa is not reviewed with the same skepticism as a K-1 visa, one has to well document the wedding and relationship to avoid any fraud or misrepresentation which can bar entry in the U.S. in future.

Assist with other issues like Returning Resident visas, general guidance on visa options

If a person with a green card or a reentry permit stays outside the United States, beyond the permissible period, s/he needs to apply for a returning resident status to be able to reenter the U.S. We can assist in this process.

Religious Workers (R-1) and their dependents (R-2) for their visa applications at U.S. Consulate / Embassy

This is a special category of visa, available to people who wish to continue or develop their religious vocations in the United States. The qualifying conditions include:
(1) The applicant must have been a member of a religious denomination for over 2 years preceding the application, and
(2) The religious denomination must have a bonafide nonprofit religious organization in the United States.
A petition must be submitted to the USCIS by the Religious organization for such applicants. Once this is approved, the religious worker should apply for a visa at the appropriate consulate in the home country with all supporting documents. We can review the documents and help these applicants understand the requirements under this category, facilitating the visa-stamping.


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